Deinzerconsult comes under the umbrella of THE MAK’ED TEAM. With this step, the consulting company THE MAK’ED TEAM expands its service portfolio in consulting medium-sized companies.

Deinzerconsult, founded by Claudia Weber, longtime commercial manager and shareholder of Deinzermetall GmbH, has a strong expertise in setting up and optimizing productions in medium-sized companies. Claudia Weber and her team bring this competence, coupled with extensive expertise in the areas of Finance & Controlling and HR Management & Corporate Learning, to the collaboration.

“Our focus in consulting has always been interdisciplinary,” emphasizes the managing director of THE MAK’ED TEAM Ann-Katrin Hardenberg, who has led the company together with Martin Auer since their joint founding. “Now, in addition to our extensive expertise in the service sector, we can focus on the production sector to the same extent. This is the decisive moment for the corporate development and management of our customers, as this is usually where the success of a company is decided, and the effective adjusting screws are found.”

Claudia Weber has taken over the position of Managing Director at the Nuremberg location and is responsible for the development of the company in the Nuremberg metropolitan region.

THE MAK’ED TEAM develops and implements pragmatic and effective solutions for challenges in the development and management of medium-sized companies. THE MAK’ED TEAM is familiar with almost all requirements, situations and occasions that occur in an entrepreneur’s life and in a company’s life: From growth to restructuring – from young companies to succession – from founders to family businesses.

THE MAK’ED TEAM works D-A-CH-wide and has offices in Nuremberg and Karlsruhe as well as a representative office in Berlin.

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