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Crisis, Turnaround & Restructuring

Crises very rarely come unexpectedly. In most cases, a crisis is a gradual process that persists over a number of years, gradually intensifying until the symptoms of the crisis become openly apparent.

Often, additional external influences on a company lead to the relentless disclosure of internal problems. Most corporate crises arise due to management shortcomings. According to studies, lack of controlling, lack of corporate planning, financing gaps, insufficient equity, excessive interest charges, insufficient provisions, inadequate accounts receivable management, management errors, an outdated product range and incorrect production planning are among the most common reasons for insolvency. 

In order to avoid the occurrence of corporate crises or at least to limit their effects, you must have a clear view of all data and facts.  

Integrated corporate management includes the necessary analyses of deviations between actual results and planned results. Here, it is necessary to put these into the right context and to self-critically question the essential issues. You as managing director and shareholder as well as your management team must be able to recognize and accept crisis symptoms at an early stage. Your risk management helps you to identify potential causes of crises in good time, and to reduce their impact.

If you recognize signs of crisis in your company, the planning and organization of a corporate restructuring is of outstanding importance. By reorganization we mean any measure to avert sustained negative developments on a company, the continuation of which can lead to a threat to the company’s existence.

Crisis situations are very critical for you and your company because extensive legal provisions apply to companies in crisis. Failure to comply out of ignorance leads to liability risks just as much as a intentional violation.

The chances of restructuring depend on the speed of your reaction to the crisis. Your own early reaction can in many cases prevent the need for restructuring from becoming apparent in your environment due to negative circumstances and restructuring managers from your banks and financing institutions from taking over the “reigns” in your company.

In many cases, it is very helpful for entrepreneurs and managing directors to discuss the company situation and possible alternative courses of action with a competent discussion partner at an early stage. We are independent and create the basis with you for accepting and adopting the company situation and the necessary reorganization steps as quickly as possible. Crisis management is also the perception of opportunities for change and improvement. It goes far beyond the classic cost-cutting and restructuring measures.

THE MAK’ED TEAM analyzes the situation of your company and advises you on the steps necessary for a successful turnaround.

We provide the necessary competence, know-how and capacity to ensure the required quick reactions, which are indispensable for the restoration of profitability as well as for the securing, procurement and safeguarding of liquidity and for the final crisis management. As an independent consultant, we also fulfill the necessary formal requirements for you and prepare restructuring concepts and expert reports in accordance with the IDW S 6 standard.

We are makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers for our clients with the aim of pushing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.