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For small and medium-sized companies, access to different sources of financing largely depends on their company size and their industry.

 The qualitative requirements for companies to obtain financing have increased significantly. Lenders find themselves in a tight corset of regulations that they have to fulfill when granting loans to companies. They do not lend their money, but that of their customers.

In addition to past figures, your company needs a comprehensible presentation of your business model as well as reliable budgets and forecasts for the coming financial years, irrespective of your potential financing partners. It is essential to show how the debt service resulting from financing can be provided. You also need answers to questions about possible collateral for the loans.

Your small or medium-sized company has a wide range of options for financing its activities:

  • bank financing, 
  • mezzanine financing, 
  • leasing and installment plan, 
  • factoring, 
  • finetrading, 
  • sureties and guarantees, 
  • bank-independent financing,  
  • private investors and 
  • the bank in your company. 

You determine your capital requirements with us and we examine the options. In the process, all conditions are compared objectively: Interest rates, fees, collateralization, your liability as an entrepreneur and, in the case of equity financing, the requirements and conditions of the investor.

Raising equity and debt capital requires a clear strategy with regard to the financing structure, a professional approach to investors and a clear exit strategy.

For you as an entrepreneur, the question of personal liability for the liabilities of your company is essential. After all, at a certain point you do not want to burden your private assets with liabilities. You can achieve liability-free private assets with a clear strategy vis-à-vis your lenders and by using a financing mix that makes sense for your company.

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