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Our Values

THE MAK’ED TEAM is rooted in the SME sector and is a team of doers, solution finders and solution implementers. Here you will find our values in working together – both with each other and with customers.

We live freedom of values, respect and openness and cultivate an appreciative, helpful and fair relationship with one another.

Collaboration in our team and our work with customers is based on mutual trust, openness, mutual appreciation and empathy.

We believe in the efficiency of SMEs and work independently and internationally.

As a medium-sized company, we know the challenges faced by SMEs. As an independent consultancy, we speak uncomfortable truths and develop targeted and sustainable solutions. In this way, we create added value for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

We work with the highest level of professionalism and attach great importance to high-quality results.

Our working methods are always professional, our communication is efficient and solution-orientated. Our goal-orientated approach means that we always focus on achieving the highest quality results.

We work in a structured, solution-orientated and responsible manner.

We are authentic, implementation-orientated and attach great importance to close feedback loops. We generate sustainable added value through proactive implementation. Our way of working is analytical, fact-orientated and target-oriented, while always maintaining a holistic view of the situation.

We are performance-orientated and focus on clearly communicated expectations.

We work on the basis of clear expectations and communicate these openly and transparently.

We maintain a professional dialogue with each other and with external experts.

By participating in expert panels and actively communicating with other companies, we stay informed about the latest developments on the market.

We stick together as a team, support each other in our work and communicate openly and transparently with each other.

We work together successfully through mutual support and open communication. We strengthen our team spirit by meeting regularly.

We believe in mutual feedback and continuous and sustainable development.

We attach great importance to the ongoing professional and personal development of all employees and to the continuous development of the company.

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THE MAK`ED TEAM: That’s us! Our Senior Consultant Eugen Feth

THE MAK`ED TEAM: That’s us! Our Senior Consultant Eugen Feth

It’s the combination that makes the difference! Different skills, practical experience and solid expertise are the basis for our business. As diverse as our team is, our common basis is our affinity for medium-sized businesses and for the people who shape them. Eugen Feth – Senior Consultant Digitalization Change not Keep – Digital Transformation is […]

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