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Governance is your corporate constitution. It contains the necessary rules, procedures and laws according to which your company is managed.

Thus, governance is a concept that establishes principles. The aim is to achieve and maintain good corporate governance. In addition to the hard rules, which are mostly derived from the law, it also includes the ethical and moral basis of the company, its responsibility for its employees, for its resources and for the common good. Although it may sound a bit sentimental, the corporate constitution is the “DNA” of your company.

In the vast majority of cases, this approach involves the shareholders of small and medium-sized corporations in a special way. The close ties between the shareholders and the company and the mutual dependencies demand clarity in dealing with each other and clarity in dealing with changes.

The corporate constitution is your clear commitment to the multifaceted responsibility as a company owner. In addition to the company and the group of shareholders, the entrepreneurial family is a direct component of governance.

Governance establishes the guidelines for the individual management and control structure of the company. The addition of a family constitution ensures that the entrepreneurial family is morally bound to agreed regulations. The articles of association and inheritance contracts legally bind the regulations. 

THE MAK’ED TEAM knows about the particularities of family businesses, entrepreneurial families and family assets. We accompany you, your companies and your family to a suitable and individual company constitution.

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