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Sustainability is the natural responsibility of small and medium-sized businesses and thus the very essence of future viability!

Sustainability – a buzzword that is used inflationarily today and often degenerates into a green fig leaf. And yet the term is more relevant and present than it has ever been before. This is expressed in the concepts of CSR Corporate Social Responsibility as a management approach and ESG Environment – Social – Governance as a management approach from the investor’s point of view.

We understand sustainability as ensuring the future viability of the company in the ecological, economic and social areas. As an entrepreneur, it is our responsibility to leave an intact environment and an economically healthy, sustainable country for future generations.

It is a strategic corporate task that runs through all areas of a company and makes the responsibility towards employees, society and the environment tangible.

The topic of sustainable development is a global task. In 2015, the UN defined 17 goals to be achieved together by 2030. The vision is to fight poverty, reduce inequalities and promote sustainable peace and prosperity. Many countries, many companies and organizations are actively helping to achieve this and are thus shaping a sustainable society and earth.

THE MAK’ED TEAM anchors sustainability in your corporate strategy

As a small or medium-sized company, you take responsibility for sustainability in economic, social and ecological terms. Sustainability is perhaps one of the biggest megatrends of our time and is leading to fundamental changes in the economy.

You make this responsibility an integral part of your corporate development and management. You thus embrace the opportunity for more growth and more profitability.

We accompany you in the development and expansion of your sustainability. We structure and analyze

  • Your motivation, 
  • Your existing activities and 
  • Your goals. 

Based on this 

  • we anchor the sustainability aspects in the corporate strategy and the corporate mission statement,
  • establish the sustainability-oriented processes along the value chain,
  • implement the appropriate and reinforcing measures, and
  • create broad transparency about your activities – from communication to mandatory reporting.

It is important to involve all areas and all employees, because this has a positive effect on the individual. We work with you to develop a strategy through which you create added corporate value, increase customer loyalty and become a more attractive employer.

Let us create a win-win situation together – for you and your ecosystem!

In addition to the term sustainability, the terms ESG – Environment – Social – Governance as well as CSR Corporate Social Responsibility can be found in the current discussion.

We show you the differences and the classification as well as how these approaches can be useful for your company:

You want to know how THE MAK’ED TEAM fulfills its responsibility to sustainability?

We are makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers for our clients with the aim of pushing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.