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Our Principles

Management must be effective! Effectiveness means being both effective and efficient. It means doing the right things right – in thinking as well as in acting. This is the core competence for correct and good management, in order to transform resources into results and thereby create value and benefit. (according to Prof. Fredmund Malik in “Führen, Leisten, Leben” new edition 2014).

Entrepreneurial business development concepts can only be effective if they are tailored to your company’s individual situation and requirements. No two companies are the same, and no two requirements are the same – which is why we listen first and foremost – and ask lots of questions. Only you know your business model in detail, only you know the current situation in your company. We need to understand your business model and its critical success factors. Based on this understanding, we develop feasible solutions for your requirements and implement them with you and your team.

We are MAKERS who want to bring about changes and developments out of conviction and do so with passion and fearlessness. We want to leave our mark on society, on people and on companies and institutions through our MAKING – and to do so sustainably. We manage our projects with the same drive with which we manage and develop our own company.

Information, facts and knowledge are freely available in the age of the Internet. For the most part, they do not provide solutions. Our concepts and development approaches are created by relating information, facts and knowledge with experience in order to create clarity, structure and systematics. Experience for what is entrepreneurially feasible and a well thought-out sytematic form the basis of high-quality solutions which, when implemented, deliver the desired contribution to the success of the company.

High-quality solutions are simple solutions. Simple solutions reduce complexity or create an effective way of dealing with the necessary complexity. They contribute to strengthening the company’s earning power. We use these connections for you and are not satisfied with the first best solution.

We want you to understand us. That’s why we dispense with the typical language of specialists. We speak and write clearly, distinctly and understandably.

We work exclusively in your interest. Our independence enables us to point out courageous solutions. But this independence also obliges us to speak unpleasant truths.

In many cases, small and medium-sized companies are family businesses. We are aware of the special nature of family businesses and entrepreneurial families.Our concept and development approaches take into account the resulting specific constellations and situations. If necessary, we create the basis for the change steps in the sense of the family business on the level of the entrepreneurial family.

We are makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers for our clients with the aim of pushing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.