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Competence Management

How successful competence management contributes to strategy implementation and the achievement of your goals

What is competence management?

Operational competence management describes the systematic use of a competence model to build, maintain and develop the necessary competences in a structured manner within the company.

The competency model shows which professional competencies an employee must have today and in the coming years in order to successfully fulfil current or future tasks. Through systematic planning, implementation and monitoring, it creates transparency regarding the competency requirements.

Kompetenzen managen: Das Kompetenzmodell

THE MAK’ED TEAM sees competence management as an integral part of corporate development in order to ensure competitiveness. As competences are the basis for entrepreneurial success and determine a company’s scope for action, they should be actively and transparently developed in line with the strategic orientation. The existing competences are closely related to the opportunities that a company has and play a key role in personnel development in the form of competence models.

Our approach: The agile competence management

Modern agile competency models are specifically geared towards the individual, specific needs of the company and its employees and the professional challenges they face. They can be integrated into new or existing HR systems of the company and are predestined for medium-sized companies:

  • The competence management system is developed for a pilot area and gradually rolled out to other areas of the company following possible adjustments.
  • This leads to a focussed, targeted use of resources during development and implementation.
  • Simple systems and easy handling promote application within the organisation
  • Changes in competences or in the company can be quickly absorbed and incorporated.
  • The agile systems increase motivation through the transparency of necessary processes, the visibility of results and feedback opportunities for stakeholders.

Unsere Methodik zur Einführung eines Kompetenzmodells

We support you at every stage of your competence management

Depending on the stage you are currently at with your competence management, there are various measures for the development, restructuring and expansion of strategic personnel development and operational competence management. This includes topics such as …

  • Meeting acute and future skills requirements.
  • retaining and promoting existing employees.
  • better utilisation of skills and potential.
  • Re-skilling and up-skilling.
  • Automation of existing skills and talent management.

Fields of application for skills management along the employee journey

Das betriebliche Kompetenzmanagement kann durch den Einsatz von unterschiedlichsten Tools unterstützt werden. Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht, welches Tool Sie bei welchem Schritt der Employee Journey unterstützen kann.

Greple ist eine Skill Management Plattform und unterstützt Sie bei Ihrem Kompetenzmanagement auf Basis von Eignungsdiagnostik und künstlicher Intelligenz. Hier erfahren Sie mehr darüber.

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