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Competence Management

How successful competence management contributes to strategy implementation and the achievement of your goals

Corporate competence management describes the systematic use of a competence model to build, maintain and develop necessary competences in a structured way within the company.

The competence model shows which professional competences an employee must have today and in the next few years in order to successfully take on previous or future tasks. It creates transparency about the competence requirements through systematic planning, implementation and control.

Managing competences: The competence model

THE MAK’ED TEAM sees competence management as an integral part of corporate development to ensure competitiveness. Since competences are the basis for entrepreneurial success and determine a company’s scope of action, they should be developed actively and transparently in accordance with the strategic orientation. The existing competences interact closely with the opportunities a company has and take on a key function in human resource development in the form of competence models.

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