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Our procedure is independent, uncomplicated and purposeful, according to the motto:

“Make it simple!”.

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THE MAK’ED TEAM is a consultancy firm for SMEs. We develop and implement solutions for challenges in Management & Development & Learning in your organization. We set up our expert focus on:

  • Corporate Development
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Human Resources & Corporate Learning, and
  • Sales & Marketing.

Here we combine Management & Development & Learning to an integrated approach. We are familiar with almost all requirements, situations and occasions that occur in an entrepreneurial and business life.

We see ourselves as MAKERs, partners and project managers for our customers with the aim of promoting their future viability. We work worldwide with our high practical knowledge and our many years of international experience.

Our Expertise


You have goals for your company and want to achieve them. At the same time, markets, products and services are constantly changing and you must react to these changes. They have to recognize, evaluate and react to developments, changes, opportunities and risks. This is the only way to keep your company on track, develop the business and achieve the goals set. The necessary steps usually affect all functional areas of your company. This requires professional management, experience, capacity and expertise – especially in special situations that are foreign to companies and entrepreneurs.

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With an active control of your company you do not only have liquidity, finances, turnover, earnings as well as chances and risks in view, but you get them optimally under control! This protects you from unpleasant surprises and puts you in a position to react to changes in good time, take advantage of opportunities and reduce or eliminate risks. The approaches and tools are manifold. It is crucial that these fit your business and provide you with the right information for your plans.

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Your employees are the decisive competitive factor. A professional and modern human resources management is the basis for having committed, properly trained, innovative, reliable and loyal employees in your company and for being able to attract them in the future. The constant change in the markets in which you operate requires a continuous development of the competencies of your employees. This competence development is part of strategic human resources work and ensures that you will remain competitive in the future.

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The ability of your sales force to win customers for itself and for your products and services is decisive for the success of your company. Sales & Marketing are the cornerstones that make your company strong. The market appearance, the approach to your potential customers, the care of your customer base and the sales and delivery process must be professionally designed and implemented – and they must fit your company.

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THE MAK’ED TEAM has been certified by the BVMW Bundesverband der mittelständischen Wirtschaft as “BVMW-approved consultant for medium-sized companies”. THE MAK’ED TEAM is registered since 2016 at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) for subsidized consulting and meets the required quality standards.



Offices: Nuremberg – Karlsruhe – Berlin


Office Nuremberg:

Äußere Sulzbacher Str. 118, 90491 Nuremberg/Germany
+49 911 310453-0


Office Karlsruhe:
Johann-Georg-Schlosser-Str. 6, 76149 Karlsruhe/Germany
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