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THE MAK’ED TEAM is rooted in the SME sector and is a team of makers, solution finders and solution implementers.


THE MAK’ED TEAM is active designer and implementer who actively support your medium-sized companies in changes, developments and implementations.


We want it to work and therefore our concepts and solutions are individually developed for your company and adapted to the respective culture and situation. Together with you, we implement these concepts with our approachable and energetic manner.


We are MAKERS who want to bring about change and development with passion and intrepidity. We want our MAKERS to leave their mark on society, people and companies – and to do so in a sustainable manner.


THE MAK’ED TEAM works for the management, the executive board, the owners, the shareholders and partners as well as for the supervisory respectively advisory boards of nationally and internationally operating small and medium-sized companies.


We founded our company because we are convinced of the economic importance and high performance of small and medium-sized companies.


Small and medium-sized enterprises can increase their efficiency and competitiveness if they are actively and professionally managed and developed. In this way, opportunities can be actively exploited and risks can be consciously minimized. Difficult situations can possibly be avoided or at least successfully mastered.


We are listeners, interlocutors, observers, discussion partners, demanders, questioners, lateral thinkers, and people who want to understand.


Her passion is the development of people, organizations and companies. With THE MAK’ED TEAM, Ann-Katrin Hardenberg brings her international experience in HR management, corporate learning, organizational and corporate development to small and medium-sized businesses.

She brings broad practical experience in international corporations, small and medium-sized companies as well as start-ups in Germany and abroad. She was internationally active for a long period of time in Australia, South East Asia and African as well as Latin American countries. Over the years, Ann-Katrin Hardenberg has founded several companies and established new business units for private companies. In addition to organizational and management skills, these tasks required empathy with other cultures and active leadership to build teams. Due to difficult markets and special situations, Ann-Katrin Hardenberg has a great deal of experience in preparing and dealing with crises in companies.


His professional background provides Martin Auer with the ideal qualifications for general management and corporate development in small and medium-sized companies and craft sector. In doing so, he contributes through his experience with small and medium-sized family businesses and the associated requirements in collaboration with family shareholders and the entrepreneurial families. His passion is the development and implementation of solutions in business, financial, organizational and strategic tasks as well as in very difficult situations. His accuracy, structured approach, interdisciplinary working methods and easy-going manner are put to good use. Thanks to his experience, qualities that are particularly necessary in the areas of restructuring and reorganization can be put to outstanding use in times of crisis for a company.

He gained extensive experience in corporate banking through his training as a banker at a major German bank as well as his studies in banking business administration at the Frankfurt School of Management and Finance. Subsequently, Martin Auer worked for a medium-sized group of companies, to whose board of directors he was appointed. He was responsible for the development and expansion of the group of companies at home and abroad. His many years of experience abroad are concentrated in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the USA.

We are Makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers of our customers with the goal of forcing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.

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Short-time work from the perspective of someone affected

Short-time work from the perspective of someone affected

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