Resilience was the topic of our Event & Dialogue, which we held at our Nuremberg location in April 2023. Together with our cooperation partner stg Die Mitar-beiterBerater, we looked at resilience from different angles with our guests.

The resilient employee – the resilient organisation – the resilient company: A triad that promotes approaches to resilience management and makes it very easy to understand that all aspects belong together equally and can only achieve the desired results together.

A central insight of the evening is that there is no active resilience management in medium-sized companies. This does not mean that strengthening the resilience of employees, the organisation and the company does not play a role. The opposite is the case and the term “resilience management” does not exist. Rather, these activities are included in the classic corporate functions and there is no conscious consolidation in a coordinated resilience management. “Well, of course, if you look at it that way, we manage resilience,” said one participant.

Transparency, clear processes, error culture and appreciation are important factors for resilience of employees and for goal-oriented cooperation in the company. Creating this framework is the responsibility of the company management and the executives. In many medium-sized companies, the owners work on this by giving their company values through mission statements and anchoring them in the company. Human resources managers, on the other hand, are increasingly working on competence- and strength-based approaches to human resources development and in the allocation of tasks and responsibilities. Transparency and clarity is the task of the entire management, to which the commercial area and risk management make important contributions.

However, the responsibility of each individual employee to be “resilient” is also crucial. Self-determination is the responsible treatment of oneself. However, appreciation should go both ways. Not only the employees want to be valued, but also the managers and the entrepreneurs. Values must be lived by everyone if they are to form a stable foundation in the company. Mindfulness in dealing with oneself, with others and with the organisation is the task of all, which can become effective in a resilience-conscious framework, so that companies and employees can be resilient and adaptable and draw so much energy from change that they can actively seize opportunities for change.

THE MAK`ED TEAM and stg – Resilience at all levels

Organisational and individual resilience go hand in hand. That is why THE MAK’ED TEAM management consultancy cooperates with stg employee consultancy. This enables us to offer medium-sized companies a strong overall package. THE MAK’ED TEAM supports companies in building a resilient organisation with an experienced and interdisciplinary team. stg supports employees in building their individual resilience.  Together we develop resilience concepts for companies that implement resilience at all levels in the company and make it effective.