• Finance & Controlling

Corporate Management

Financial Management maps all relevant data and information of your company and ensures that you can analyze, plan and actively control them.

Financial Management focuses on all factors that influence the liquidity and profitability of your company.

In order to be able to control these factors, their origin and development must be made measurable and transparent. Or to put it another way. You need a controlling system that meets the requirements of your company and that records, evaluates and controls both the processes in your company and the external factors, possible influences and uncertainties. This may go far beyond purely financial issues. Everything that happens in your company will sooner or later flow into the accounting system.

The areas to be controlled and the levels of consideration depend entirely on your company. Depending on the size of your company and its business model, the essential critical success factors are determined.

Of the following areas, some apply to all entrepreneurs, others only in certain constellations. The scope of the reasonable and target-oriented solution depends on your company. The implementation of these solutions is process-oriented and uses the appropriate digital tools.

Financial Management includes:

  • Liquidity management
  • Earnings management
  • Interest rate, currency and commodity management
  • Corporate planning and costing
  • Controlling and key figure systems
  • Financing structuring
  • Financing
  • (Group) accounting

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