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Collaboration & Prices

We design the collaboration with you according to your requirements. We offer you:

We are specialized in the active management and development of small and medium-sized companies and in the related topics. By concentrating on our competence we achieve an effective and efficient realization of your tasks. Taking into account your individual requirements and the special situation of your company, we develop the target-oriented concepts for your company and implement them. 

Therefore, we do not have standard prices for our services. First, we want to get to know you, your company and your requirements and then we submit our offer to you.

  • Project contracts, in which the focus is on achieving defined results. Based on the initial situation, the scope of services is defined in detail. After reaching milestones, necessary decisions which are required to achieve the objective are made by you as the client.
  • Service contracts, through which we become active for you in your company and work on a defined task area. We work as your commercial manager on call (CFO on Demand) and provide you with the capacity and know-how your company needs at that moment.
  • Interim Management, in which we take over a permanent management position in your company for a certain period of timeThus wexpand your management capacity. If desired, we can also take over an executive position in your company for a certain period of time. 
  • Consulting contracts, in which we provide you with the necessary analyses for specific requirements or questions and develop high-quality solution options. Subsequently, a project contract can be concluded for the implementation of the solution.
  • Mandate contracts for the participation in your advisory board or in your supervisory board.
  • Mandate agreements for the realization of financing or investments as well as for the realization of company acquisitions or sales and other M&A transactions.

Our services are calculable for you right from the start. Our prices are based on hourly volumes – at a fixed price or on an expense basis. In certain constellations, we work partly on a contingency basis.

You use our services to the extent you need them, one-time only or over a longer period of time. We make your management capacity more flexible and provide you with the expertise you need.

We are makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers for our clients with the aim of pushing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.