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Human Resources Management

How a modern HR department helps shaping the company’s future

Human resources management describes an approach based on corporate strategy in which personnel work is organized in a targeted and efficient manner. This applies both to purely administrative HR issues as well as to recruitment and HR development.

Human resources work is organized very differently in small and medium-sized companies. The differences result from the size of the businesses and from the management approach. In addition, there are different definitions and contents: HR department, personnel administration, payroll accounting and much more.

For a good organization of human resources activities, the tasks and responsibilities to be performed by a human resources management should be defined. Here, the adaptation to the strategic orientation plays an essential role. A company in the growth phase will have different priorities than a company operating in the industry with constant technological development.

In all companies, personnel requirements planning, recruiting, onboarding, advanced personnel development and employee support will play just as important a role as the organizational topics of contract management and payroll accounting. However, the extent to which these topics are addressed varies.

Once you have defined the tasks and those responsible, the design of the individual processes should take place. Which tasks are performed at which point in your company, who is responsible for employee management and development, etc.?

THE MAK’ED TEAM works with a clear method to establish a strategy-related personnel management. Employees are the center of every successful company. Human resources management helps your company to attract, develop and retain skilled employees.

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