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Risk Management

Dealing with risks is part of your responsibilities as a manager and shareholder of your company.

For most companies, the focus is on the obvious risks of business operations or on the dangers arising from production.

The law states quite clearly: the management must monitor all developments that may jeopardize the continued existence of the company. It must take appropriate measures to ensure that such risks are identified at an early stage. Managers who violate their duties are liable to pay damages to the company.

An opportunity and risk management system pursues the objective of screening strategies for opportunities and threats, discovering risks in the company, hedging them and thus making an active contribution to the development and existence of your company. Opportunity and risk management has a cross-sectional function and is an essential element of corporate management and corporate development – and it is part of the legally obligatory duties of business managers.

The sheer number of legal requirements makes active risk management and compliance management necessary. Your business partners, banks, financing institutions and insurance companies regularly demand active risk management for cooperation or make conditions for your services dependent on the existence of risk management.

Risks occur as business, operational and financial risks and affect all areas of your company, i.e. in procurement, production, sales, IT, human resources and finance. Their dimensions vary greatly depending on the individual circumstances in your company and always include legal risks.

We advise you on setting up an opportunity and risk management system for your company. We work with you and your team to implement solutions for your opportunity and risk management system that are tailored to your company, its size and its individual requirements.

Your risk management system consists of the three pillars early warning system, monitoring system and controlling and includes the identification, measurement and classification of the respective risks. Specified instructions for action in the event of defined risks occurring form an emergency plan for your company. The emergency plan takes into account all possible interactions caused by the occurrence of a potential risk. In this way, you ensure a planned and well thought-out procedure for minimizing damage in the event of an emergency.

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