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Do you have a majority shareholding in other companies? Are there economic interdependencies between parent companies and subsidiaries? Then your group of companies has reached a level of complexity where it is worth considering consolidated financial statements for the group of companies. Viewing all the companies in the group as one company (consolidation) shows the […]

Bianca Selzer is a consultant at THE MAK`ED TEAM. With her focus on HR management, corporate learning and organisational development, she supports both smaller and larger medium-sized companies in their transformation processes. What are her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated consulting industry? Does she perceive inequalities and does she have a vision for […]

The African continent is in a constant economic upswing and digitisation is advancing in leaps and bounds. This can be a real springboard for small and medium-sized enterprises that are thinking about internationalising their business, further developing their international locations and expanding their networks. In our guest article, which appeared in the 1/2023 issue of […]

Resilience was the topic of our Event & Dialogue, which we held at our Nuremberg location in April 2023. Together with our cooperation partner stg Die Mitar-beiterBerater, we looked at resilience from different angles with our guests.

From Florida to Germany to THE MAK`ED TEAM, from there to the Côte D`Ivoir – and back to Florida: this was the varied itinerary of our consultant Jennifer Augustin in April 2023. Our Africa expert travelled to the Ivory Coast for THE MAK`ED TEAM in order to further expand our local network. The Republic of […]

In the current economic situation, which is challenging for most companies, we will be devoting ourselves intensively to the question of what makes medium-sized companies resilient at our Event & Dialogue on 19 April 2023. In cooperation with the employee consultancy stg, THE MAK`ED TEAM invites managing directors, executives and HR managers to a joint […]