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Does HR management still handle a lot of time-consuming, administrative work? Then it’s high time to change that. Societal changes such as the shortage of skilled workers or digitalization are presenting human resources management (HRM) with a major change process. HR must continue to evolve – just like all other areas of business. And technologies […]

ESG is not a trend, but the way to responsibly shape the future. But what about ESG compliance in your own company? ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and medium-sized companies are confronted with this in many areas. A sustainable ESG concept helps a company to define and achieve its sustainability goals, to be […]

The consulting company Deinzerconsult is our project partner and complements the competences of THE MAK`ED TEAM in individual projects with its high level of experience in the optimization of manufacturing and production processes.

The shortage of skilled workers continues to worsen. New employees are desperately sought across all industries, and it has never been more important for companies to retain their employees. At the same time, many transformation processes are changing the demands on employees, work models and corporate processes. It is well known how difficult the current […]

We don’t like to paint the devil on the wall. Rather, we think that part of risk management is to ensure the ability of an owner or a partner to act even if the person is unable to act himself at the moment. Illness and accidents are just two examples. The roles that an entrepreneur […]

Strategy, liquidity, earnings: a company crisis can have various causes. Well-established crisis compliance shows the right steps to take in the individual situation. The risk of a crisis has increased significantly in recent years and more recently against the backdrop of the pandemic and the Ukraine war – even for seasoned companies. Moreover, in times […]