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The shortage of skilled workers continues to worsen. New employees are desperately sought across all industries, and it has never been more important for companies to retain their employees. At the same time, many transformation processes are changing the demands on employees, work models and corporate processes. It is well known how difficult the current […]

We don’t like to paint the devil on the wall. Rather, we think that part of risk management is to ensure the ability of an owner or a partner to act even if the person is unable to act himself at the moment. Illness and accidents are just two examples. The roles that an entrepreneur […]

Strategy, liquidity, earnings: a company crisis can have various causes. Well-established crisis compliance shows the right steps to take in the individual situation. The risk of a crisis has increased significantly in recent years and more recently against the backdrop of the pandemic and the Ukraine war – even for seasoned companies. Moreover, in times […]

Introducing new processes, mastering transformations, overcoming challenges: A company that is intensively concerned with itself can be highly satisfied with its performance. But where is the customer? The needs of customers change at least as fast as the markets. A company must keep up if it does not want to be left behind by the […]


Key competences are a valuable and vital resource in companies. A competent team makes the organization capable of action and brings the desired success. With the major transformation processes in the world of work, the demands on competences are also changing. At the same time, competent employees are becoming increasingly rare due to the shortage […]

BVMW Expertentkreis HR Personalmanagement

THE MAK`ED TEAM is a member of the expert group “human resources” of the BVMW – the network for the German small and medium-sized businesses. The representation of THE MAK’ED TEAM in the expert group as well as one of the working groups there has been taken over by the managing director Ann-Katrin Hardenberg.