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Project Examples

THE MAK’ED TEAM Information for medium-sized companies – every company and every project is unique. Nevertheless, we would like to give you an impression of our approach to the various topics with the following project examples. Please feel free to download them and contact us for further information!

Corporate & Business Development

HR & Corporate Learning

A unifying corporate culture with shared values is the cornerstone for acting inside and outside the organization. A corporate culture can change over the decades of a company, which is why in these projects the companies once again put their values to the test.

After an analysis, we worked with the respective company to draw up an implementation plan for the further development of the corporate culture within the company and defined suitable methods for the various target groups. We accompanied the companies until the first visible changes were made.

More about the project: here.

In the context of strategic considerations, we supported the management and the board of a medium-sized group of companies with regard to a buy-and-build strategy. We structured the critical success factors, drafted requirement profiles for possible targets, outlined implementation paths and moderated the decision-making process with regard to the future strategic direction.

In order to implement an internationalization strategy, the establishment of four foreign companies was designed and realized. Part of the project was the support of the foundation, the selection of the CEO, the start of the operative business, the connection to the group as well as the securing of the financing with local credit institutions.

We assisted the CEO of a company in disputes among the shareholders. For this purpose, we discussed possible consequences and prepared a future-oriented company valuation. Within the framework of a moderation of the shareholders’ meeting, a balanced solution was found for the remaining and the departing shareholders.

In preparation for an MBO, a production company was realigned. We analyzed and modified the strategic orientation, the business model and all relevant company processes from sales to production and administration. We sustainably increased sales and earnings through an integrative change project.

We developed a strategy for age-related succession for an entrepreneur in the service sector. As a basis, we developed a requirements profile for possible successors as well as the coaching results for dealing with family interests. On this basis, the sales process was initiated.

To ensure efficient implementation of qualification management, a role model was developed that creates a link between the defined qualifications and the employees to be qualified. A digital learning platform ensures the implementation, documentation and reporting within the qualification management.

More about the project: here.

For an attractive and successful start of new employees, an onboarding program was implemented. Our design took into account the required onboarding content through various methods within a blended learning system and ensured the anchoring of the program within the HR team.

More about the project: here.

As part of a growth strategy, we developed the strategy for the establishment of a new location. For its implementation, we supported the development of structures and processes in the HR area and were responsible for the development and implementation of the employer branding concept and for the recruiting concept.

In this area, we provide support from the establishment of further education institutions and training academies to the development of blended learning concepts and the organization and implementation of qualification measures. The development of specialists for companies, both at home and abroad, plays a role above all in the development of companies and internationalization.

An example: As part of a private university in Haiti, a training center for the qualification of people for the labor market was established. Part of the work involved establishing the center, developing continuing education products, marketing and selling the products, training and mentoring trainers, and training a team from the continuing education center.

More about the project: here.

After an analysis of the current state of learning in the company, how personnel development is carried out and where the company wants to go, a strategy with a concept for future personnel development and the desired agile learning culture was developed. The next steps included drawing up an implementation plan for changing the mindset in the company, including scheduling, selecting methods and setting milestones, building up the competencies in the HR development team with regard to agile learning culture and digitization, and providing support for the development and implementation of the first methods for changing the learning culture.

More about the project: here.

Based on an analysis of the current situation regarding Learning & Development in this company, we developed together with our client a strategy for the area of Learning & Development/Personnel Development in direct alignment with the corporate strategy: qualification needs, talent programs, career paths, change of learning culture. Clear goals were set and the budget needed to achieve them was developed.

In this project, an LMS was selected and implemented after an analysis of the current state and the desired target state regarding the type and scope of a learning management system. In parallel, workshops were held to develop learning formats and, based on the workshop results, blended learning concepts were developed with different learning/teaching methods that were mapped in the learning management system.

More about the project: here.

For further development in line with the strategy, we analyzed the existing methods of anchoring knowledge in a group of companies. From this, a knowledge management system was developed and implemented. We conducted training for users and took measures for the sustainable use of knowledge sharing and the use of existing knowledge.

For the further development of an in-house training academy, we were asked to review structures, processes and standards and to introduce the subsequent defined changes and develop new concepts. In the process, the team of the training academy was accompanied in the adaptation of processes and standards and further developed by us over a longer period of time.

We were called in to provide consulting, project management and facilitation services to address a qualification backlog in a large infrastructure company.

More about the project: here.

We implemented the Moodle learning management system at a peacekeeping school in Mali, enabling distance learning through sustainable solutions and training of online trainers.

More about the project: here.

We introduced a comprehensible and needs-oriented competency model at a construction company, thereby integrating competency management into the existing HR management system.

More about the project: here.

Finance & Controlling

As part of a restructuring project, we verified the existing liquidity planning of a consulting company by calculating the liquidity development using the direct method. In this context, the cash flows in the company were systematically analyzed, the basis for process optimization was created and cash reserves were made usable for the company through working capital management.

In order to implement an internationalization strategy, the establishment of four foreign companies was designed and realized. Part of the project was the support of the foundation, the selection of the CEO, the start of the operative business, the connection to the group as well as the securing of the financing with local credit institutions.

To professionalize the processes, we developed and implemented an integrated corporate planning system for a three-tier group with different reporting levels. This involved modifying the accounting systems of the individual companies and the group, thus creating an integrated management system. Our work also included the selection and implementation of software tools.

We are makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers for our clients with the aim of pushing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.