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Finance Communication

Financial communication isn‘t just about banks. There are many in your ecosystem who expect transparency about your company’s financial situation. In some cases, you don‘t know the expectation, so you can’t influence this.

Your financial communication is based on the financial strategy. You answer the question of who needs what information. Here you distinguish between the business partners who have a right to this information and those for whom this information is helpful in making decisions regarding cooperation with your company.

Transparent financial communication facilitates access to financiers and is an essential contribution to the financing security of your company.

Banks and financing partners of your company want to understand the products, the markets and the entire business model and its development and be able to comprehend opportunities and risks. Financial communication for small and medium-sized companies is complex and includes monthly or quarterly reporting, balance sheet discussions, credit discussions, etc. and is closely related to the size of the company and its situation. Banks can handle risks, not surprises!

We advise you on the structure, scope and timing of financial communications as well as on the preparation process and communication channels. In doing so, we advise the highest possible transparency in order to achieve a trusting exchange with your financing partners. We realize the financial communication for your company and involve ourselves in the communication as a professional contact.

Clear words, active provision and proactive information is the key to a trusting cooperation with your financing partners. Financial communication must be authentic and fit your company. This is how you achieve credibility for your company. Financial communication is exclusively about information, it is not advertising. We see the capital providers as customers of your company and treat them accordingly in a professional manner. In addition to banks, investment and leasing companies, the circle of addressees also includes suppliers, insurance companies and employees. The circle of addressees and the content of financial communication are determined exclusively on the basis of your objectives and your information policy. 

The personal exchange between your company and you as the entrepreneur with your financing partners represents the elementary component of the financial communication of your small or medium-sized company. We organize these discussions for you and prepare the participants for the meeting. Furthermore, we prepare the documents, presentations, etc. to be submitted and participate in the meeting as a professional contact person.

Financial communication has an important role to play on special occasions. If a company undergoes extraordinary changes, if special events occur, or if a company is in a strong growth phase or in a crisis and restructuring situation, financial communication is particularly required. Every special situation develops a certain external effect which, without accompanying communication, can contribute to the deterioration of the previous relationship of trust. For such situations we develop the individual solution for you and your company.

We are makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers for our clients with the aim of pushing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.