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Digitalization of HR Topics and Processes

Part of future-proof and efficient HR work: the Digitalization of HR topics and processes

Most small and medium-sized companies currently want to digitally map HR processes in order to

  • become more efficient in their processes,
  • maintaining transparency,
  • receive reports more quickly and
  • be less error-prone.

HR departments should thus gain more time, but also the data basis for the strategically important topics, e.g. for strategic HR management and for the development of people and competencies.

In the meantime, there are a variety of tools and systems on the market that could fit the respective company. But what we experience every day is the overload of choosing a suitable system and implementing it.

In a nutshell, the following advice can be given to HR managers for selecting a system:

THE MAK’ED TEAM accompanies you…

  • … in defining your general and technical requirements for a personnel management tool.
  • throughout the entire digitalisation process, from selecting a system to implementation.
  • … with the change management that goes hand in hand with the introduction of a new tool and changes to processes.

1. Define general requirements

Write down the most important system requirements from the company’s point of view in detail: Which processes must the system map (must/target/can requirements) and what do you want to achieve with the introduction of the system?

2. Define technical requirements

Record the actual and target technical situation. Clarify the necessary interfaces to other systems and the technical requirements of those responsible for IT.

3. Selection of a system

Compare systems with each other and shortlist three providers. It is often advisable to implement the system in the company module by module.

4. Project and change management

Set up a project team, clarify the framework conditions and draw up a roadmap. This also includes setting up good change management and developing a communication concept that will accompany the project throughout its entire duration.

5. Support during the introduction

With professional project management and accompanying change management, the introduction of the tool or system is implemented and the organisation is supported during implementation.
Tip: Our article on Change Management during digital transformation

Various areas of application for HR tools

The right tools ensure that Competence Management can be implemented efficiently . Digital tools can be used for every step along the employee life cycle and significantly improve the results. Which tool or mix of tools a company needs depends entirely on its individual requirements. The key question when making a selection is: What requirement should be fulfilled by the competence management? Here you will find an overview of which skills management tool can support you in which step of the employee journey.

Due to the high relevance of competence management and personnel development in medium-sized companies and the often limited time and personnel resources in medium-sized companies, THE MAK’ED TEAM has entered into a partnership with Greple. With an AI-based HR tool, relevant soft and hard skills can be evaluated and company-specific development paths for targeted personnel development can be defined. This allows medium-sized companies to be optimally supported in their corporate development.

In order for a company and its organisation to be future-proof and marketable and to be able to constantly question, develop and change accordingly, it needs, among other things, a lively learning culture. With all the fast-paced changes and requirements, organisations and their employees should be able to continuously learn and acquire knowledge. THE MAK`ED TEAM supported the company with the introduction of the new system, focussing on the Workday Learning module. The aim of Workday Learning is to enable each individual employee to learn independently according to their individual professional and time requirements.

Another example is the learning management system Moodle. THE MAK’ED TEAM introduced the Moodle LMS at a peacekeeping school in Mali and enabled distance learning through sustainable digital solutions.

Other HR systems that we have already successfully implemented in companies include SAP Success Factors and HR Works. Here you will find an overview of other HR tools along the various fields of application.

Further information

THE MAK’ED TEAM has a wealth of experience in the successful implementation of digitalisation projects. Below you will find further information on the approach to digitalisation in the various divisions, project examples, case studies and more:

Would you like to digitalise your HR processes?

We develop your HR digitalisation strategy and support you in the selection and implementation of suitable systems and tools.

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