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Digitalization of HR Topics and Processes

Part of future-proof and efficient HR work: the Digitalization of HR topics and processes

Most small and medium-sized companies currently want to digitally map HR processes in order to

  • become more efficient in their processes,
  • maintaining transparency,
  • receive reports more quickly and
  • be less error-prone.

HR departments should thus gain more time, but also the data basis for the strategically important topics, e.g. for strategic HR management and for the development of people and competencies.

In the meantime, there are a variety of tools and systems on the market that could fit the respective company. But what we experience every day is the overload of choosing a suitable system and implementing it.

In a nutshell, the following advice can be given to HR managers for selecting a system:

1. Define general requirements

Write down the most important system requirements in detail from the company’s point of view: What processes does the system need to map (must/should/could requirements) and what do you want to achieve by implementing the system?

2. Define technical requirements

Record the technical actual and target situation. Clarify the required interfaces to other systems and the technical requirements of the IT managers.

3. Good project management

Set up a project team, clarify the framework conditions and draw up a roadmap. This also includes developing a good communication concept that will accompany the project throughout its entire duration.

4. Selecting a system

Compare systems and shortlist three vendors. It is often appropriate to implement the system in the company in modules.

THE MAK’ED TEAM accompanies small and medium-sized companies in the development of their digitization strategy in the HR area as well as the selection and implementation of suitable systems and tools. The clear definition of system requirements, but also the development of digital understanding and digital competencies in HR teams always plays a role.

We are makers.

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