In order for a company and its organization to be future-proof and marketable and to be able to constantly question, develop and change accordingly, it needs, among other things, a lively learning culture. Nowadays, with all the fast-moving changes and requirements, organizations and their employees should continuously learn and tap into their knowledge. The focus of change is therefore shifting more towards the employee, and with it the continuous learning of the individual and the development of knowledge and skills. Can the company’s current knowledge and learning tools provide employees with the necessary resources and opportunities for continuous learning and knowledge reference? Or do other formats, tools and methods need to be used and practiced?

Covering the Employee Journey with Workday

Our client, an international mechanical engineering company, wants to accompany its employees on their entire employee journey and introduced the HR IT system Workday, which maps all HR processes. In this context, the topic of learning was also rethought so that it meets the company’s current and future requirements. To this end, the existing learning management system, which had previously been a stand-alone solution, was migrated to the new Workday HR management system.

THE MAK`ED TEAM supported the company with the implementation of the new system, focusing on the Workday Learning module. The aim of Workday Learning is to enable each individual employee to learn independently according to their individual professional and time requirements.

Before the introduction, we analyzed the current situation and defined the target situation: What are the company’s current and future needs in the area of learning? Based on the results, the scope and use of Workday Learning in the company was determined. It was clarified which processes are necessary for the change and which goals are to be achieved.

THE MAK`ED TEAM reviewed, revised and documented processes relating to learning (analyzing needs, planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating) to ensure a smooth and targeted migration to Workday Learning. Organizational structures in the learning team, onboarding an external service provider and changing the mindset of those responsible for learning were at least as important building blocks as the technical part of the implementation. THE MAK`ED TEAM worked with the project team to prepare the data migration and archiving. Where adjustments to the system were necessary, the technical requirements and processes were “translated” into the IT functionalities.

From the pilot phase to extensive company use

Before the platform was made available to all employees, we carried out a pilot phase in the company and the administrators were trained in the configuration and management of the platform. During this phase, various adjustments were made and the platform was optimally adapted to the specific needs of the company.

The works council was intensively involved in all process steps from the very beginning. To ensure a high level of acceptance and active integration of employees into the new learning culture, a change management process was set up and supported by THE MAK’ED TEAM. The employees were trained in the use of Workday Learning. The successful pilot phase was followed by the rollout. The introduction of the system was accompanied on the basis of a communication plan and various channels were used for communication measures to ensure that the processes were smoothly anchored.

It was an exciting and all-round successful project. Since the implementation of the HR IT system with its learning platform in the company, our customer has been living a lively learning culture, continuously developing it and increasingly anchoring it as part of the corporate culture and way of working in the organization.

Here you can find the detailled project example.

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