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Prevention & Emergency Management

Prevention and emergency management is an often neglected part of your succession planning and responsible company management.

As an entrepreneur, managing director and shareholder, you will inevitably have to deal with the topic of provision and emergencies. This topic is an essential part of company management.

We recommend that you keep this topic in mind from the very beginning of your entrepreneurial activity. This is necessary because you are not immune to the “imponderables” of life. What happens if you are absent for a period of time? What others call an “emergency folder”, we call an emergency concept, because we are convinced that you need clear instructions for your environment in order to be able to react to unforeseen situations.

Precautionary and emergency management is part of your succession planning and responsible corporate governance. The successful handling of emergency situations depends in particular on dealing with all key issues at an early stage. Preventive and emergency management primarily involves the change in responsibility due to emergencies.

THE MAK’ED TEAM advises and supports you on the subject of prevention and emergency management. First of all, we work with you to analyse the points that are important to you for the protection of your company. We also analyse your company in order to work out the objective alternatives for action in an emergency situation. It is necessary to decide which persons can represent you in an emergency and with which competences. Here it makes sense to issue notarised powers of attorney.

We translate the strategic objectives defined with you into a roadmap with actionable instructions and milestones for further decisions. We implement the instructions with you and your team to ensure your emergency management so that your company remains capable of acting in an emergency and can maintain its existence – regardless of the external circumstances.

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Prevention Management – Let your will be done!

Prevention Management – Let your will be done!

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