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Digitalisation and transformation are on everyone’s lips. However, we often come across very different definitions of these terms. The reason for this is that every SME is at one stage or another when it comes to digitalisation.

The further development of manual and automated processes into digital processes is a compulsory exercise for SMEs. This is certainly one aspect of digitalisation and already represents a major challenge for companies.

It is just as important to answer the questions of the extent to which the production processes of products and services are affected by the development of digitalisation and the extent to which a company’s entire business model is affected.

The different levels of maturity with regard to digitalisation mean that the generic term is used for a variety of circumstances and situations. THE MAK’ED TEAM provides clarity when categorising the terms and defining the requirements for your SME.

Below you will find the different levels of maturity that companies typically go through in terms of digitalisation:

Do you want to take your company to the next level of digitalisation and transform it?

We develop your company’s digitalisation strategy, work with you to develop the necessary processes and support you in the selection and implementation of suitable systems and tools.

When selecting tools and systems, the most important thing for us is that we work exclusively in your interests. Our independence from systems or tools enables us to identify bold solutions and actually select the right solution for you. However, this independence also obliges us to speak unpleasant truths.

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Further Information

THE MAK’ED TEAM has a wealth of experience in the successful implementation of digitalisation projects. Below you will find further information on the approach to digitalisation in the various areas of the company, project examples, case studies and more:

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