Comply with regulations, implement ethical standards: Compliance is crucial for SMEs in the highly competitive business environment. Medium-sized companies that decide to professionalise their compliance can make their compliance management processes lean, efficient and transparent on the basis of certification standards. Once a solid compliance basis has been developed according to certification standards, the company is optimally equipped for active compliance management.

A certified CMS is more than a Standard

There are various national and international standards according to which a compliance management system can be implemented. In Germany, compliance standards according to IDW and ISO are widespread. While IDW is an auditing standard that provides valuable guidance for a functioning compliance management, ISO 37301 was developed as an active management standard. THE MAK`ED TEAM develops compliance management systems (CMS) according to the requirements and guidelines of ISO 37301, which is an international standard for introducing systematic and sustainable measures to fulfil legal and ethical obligations. Based on ISO 37301, the requirements for an effective CMS are specified and guidelines are defined on the basis of which the CMS is implemented, monitored and continuously improved. ISO 37301 is a certifiable standard. Against the background outlined above, this in turn has a number of advantages (e.g. in relation to the Supply Chain Sourcing Act).

The basis of a professional compliance management system according to ISO 37301 is formed by various building blocks that are implemented in a structured manner and ensure the planning, management and control of compliance activities:

  • Define requirements for the CMS by analysing the corporate environment or establishing clear compliance guidelines with corresponding objectives and principles.
  • Implement a risk management system to systematically identify, assess and minimise potential risks.
  • Organisation of the CMS by developing a compliance organisation guideline and determining the compliance officer – internally or externally.
  • Manage own processes and integration into specialised processes by developing own guidelines and adjustments.
  • Communicating and documenting relevant compliance information

We implement the various compliance building blocks in an individually tailored and effective compliance management system. THE MAK`ED TEAM ensures that existing elements of compliance management are seamlessly integrated and function smoothly in day-to-day business. With a professional compliance management system, small and medium-sized enterprises can minimise their risks, avoid conduct that is subject to penalties and fines, avert damage to their reputation and assets, ensure legally compliant conduct within the company and fulfil their ethical obligations. But these are by no means all the effects …

Minimise Risks, Seize Opportunities

  • An effective CMS strengthens the trust of customers, business partners and other stakeholders in the company. By transparently communicating ethically correct and legally compliant actions, the image is improved and ultimately pays off for the brand.
  • A structured CMS significantly supports companies in questioning processes. Many processes are made more efficient and duplication of work is avoided.
  • If a CMS is implemented in accordance with ISO 37301:2021, the company can be certified. Certification enables the company to prove that it fulfils all compliance requirements and thus differentiates itself from competitors. In international business transactions, certification offers an important means of proof to major customers.Foundation stone for sustainable success

The compliance experts at THE MAK`ED TEAM specialise in small and medium-sized enterprises. For our clients, we develop professional and at the same time pragmatic solutions that are feasible and sustainable in practice. How comprehensive the CMS is and how intensively the individual sub-areas of the value chain as well as from personnel to accounting are considered depends on the industry and the size of the company. Once professionally anchored in the company, the compliance management system is a foundation for all your business processes.

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