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Financial Structuring

We consider the term financial structuring to be a composition of financing that is tailored to your company. This is usually the combination of equity and debt capital on the liabilities side of your company balance sheet.

The basis for a sensible and effective financial structure is first of all the strategic orientation of your company. Ideally, we map this in a corporate plan to show the future development of the asset situation, the financial situation and the earnings situation. The corporate planning results in a need for financial resources in the future. This need can arise from a variety of decisions: Growth, restructuring, succession planning, dividend payments, changes to the product portfolio, and many more.

An optimal financing structure must be found for these financing requirements. In financing practice, there are various factors that are taken into account when making decisions.

In the various financing components that together make up the financing structure, the classic financing rules, the risk-bearing capacity and the availability of financing options play a key role in each individual case. This results in further aspects to be considered such as interest and costs, liability of the managing directors and shareholders, flexibility for adjustment, tax implications.

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