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Corporate Planning and Calculation

Corporate planning is the basis for assessing the economic expediency and feasibility of your corporate goals.

It serves the management, the shareholders and the investors as well as, if applicable, the advisory board or the supervisory board as an essential basis for the responsible performance of their mostly statutory duties.

Ongoing analyses of the deviation of actual development from the outlined planned development form the basis for effective and efficient corporate management.

Corporate planning is also the basis for your business decisions. Model calculations show you the effects of changes, investments, etc. in different scenarios. Sensitivity analyses can also provide information about the possible risk and opportunity content of your possible alternative actions and decisions.

Integrated corporate planning is the essential basis for banks and financiers of small and medium-sized companies, regardless of their size, when making decisions about financing your company. In certain corporate situations, integrated planning is mandatory for the fulfillment of legal requirements.

We model, create and implement an integrated business planning for your company and for your group of companies, tailored to your requirements. In doing so, the requirements for any software to be used are also taken into account for efficient implementation.

Integrated corporate planning is based on the company’s detailed plans for sales, personnel, production, investment, financing, etc. These detailed plans are combined to form a budgeted income statement, a planned balance sheet and a planned cash flow statement. These detailed plans are combined to form a forecasted income statement, a forecasted balance sheet and a forecasted cash flow statement. In the case of groups of companies, a consolidation is carried out at group level.

The combined consideration of asset, financial and earnings effects ensures a coherent overall picture of your planning considerations in terms of content and calculation. Developments in assets, equity, and liabilities are just as clearly visible as expenses, income, and the generation of profit. The additional forecasted cash flow statement shows the development of freely available liquidity.

Integrated corporate planning is designed to reflect the structure of cost and performance accounting in addition to the structure of accounting. This enables a cyclical target-actual comparison with the data from accounting and from cost and performance accounting for controlling.

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