In the current economic situation, which is challenging for most companies, we will be devoting ourselves intensively to the question of what makes medium-sized companies resilient at our Event & Dialogue on 19 April 2023. In cooperation with the employee consultancy stg, THE MAK`ED TEAM invites managing directors, executives and HR managers to a joint evening above the rooftops of Nuremberg, which will be dedicated to professional exchange and dialogue. The focus will be on many practical topics related to resilience management. THE MAK`ED TEAM will give an overview of organisational resilience: How can a company develop the right balance between stability and flexibility? We will show management approaches and discuss resilience strategies suitable for SMEs. stg will again look at individual resilience: What can the company do to strengthen the resilience of its employees? The Event & Dialogue “Robust, adaptable, strong: Resilience Management in Practice” offers an intensive professional exchange. The agenda includes:

Introduction: Between Stability & Flexibility – Resilience in the Company and in the Organisation

Organisational resilience: overview & management approaches

Adaptability – a new approach to employee resilience

Resilience management in practice: Strengthening companies and employees

Conclusion: Get-together with snacks & drinks


We look forward to seeing you! You can register here.

Find out more about resilience here: Resilienz – Management in SMEs / Resilient Companies