As hosts, we look back on a successful “Event & Dialogue” 2022 and on a varied evening with inspiring exchanges and exciting discussions. It was an all-around successful event last Wednesday, July 20, with owners of medium-sized companies and HR professionals. After getting to know each other and the opening speech by Martin Auer, Managing Partner of THE MAK`ED TEAM, on the topic of “HR: Digitalization in Practice”, Claudia Weber from Deinzerconsult moved on to the agile salon method.

Here, all participants were able to intensively exchange ideas and deepen their knowledge of the challenges and potential of HR digitalization. The Pains and Gains developed in interactive sessions were filtered and selected. Among the challenges, many clearly saw the associated internal effort, as new structures and personnel capacities have to be created. The high costs associated with digitalization were seen as a further hurdle. But when looking at the benefits, it also quickly became clear that these would pay off in the foreseeable future. This is because digitalization in HR automates many processes and makes them faster, more transparent and more efficient. This saves some personnel and administrative costs and makes HR more economical. And all participants agreed that such a transformation process pays off in terms of employee satisfaction, as they can work and interact more flexibly and independently of location. Today, having an HR system in the company is already considered an important point for positioning oneself as an attractive employer. At the end, suitable tools and recommendations for action were presented and the results of the evening were discussed together. On the roof terrace we let the event come to a relaxed end with delicious snacks, cold drinks and conversations. In short: It was a great Event & Dialogue – and we are already looking forward to the next one!