THE MAK’ED TEAM is a union of experts for organizational and HR development as well as education.

Due to digitalization, our world changed strongly – we don`t only notice this in the change of jobs, but also in the needs in knowledge and education. This demands a union of people from different sectors who critically question existing structures, turn them upside down and are willing to search for alternative and new solutions. We, THE MAK’ED TEAM, change and form, using innovative and creative ideas as well as new concepts, the existing conceptions of education and also development of employees – always with respect to digital media.

We are MAKERS, who actively support and accompany institutions from the private or public sector with developments, changes and implementations. These solutions are worked out together with the institutions, matched with the respective culture and implemented with our hands-on and energetic mentality. Each of us gathered international experiences with different institutions during the last years and we are still, as individual MAKERS as well as a TEAM, travelling the world to apply these experiences.

We are MAKERS, who want to cause changes and developments, and are doing this with passion and intrepidity. With our MAKING we would like to sustainably leave footsteps in society, people and institutions – WE MAKE EDUCATION.

our team



Ann-Katrin Hardenberg

Since several years I set up educational institutions and support enterprises in the area of HR and educational management. Besides, my passion is the organziational development with structures and processes, the training and development of employees as well as the implementation of educational concepts including the newest digital media and teaching methods.

Due to my view from above and my sector extensive experiences, I could already support some institutions to think over, adjust and develop existing structures. To me, an important aspect of success in doing so includes the involvement of employees as well as the improvement and development of the general workspace.

During the past years, I have gained experiences with institutions from different sectors and different countries – partly under very difficult working conditions. With my work I would like to experience and to cause changes – in people, organizations and societies. Flexibility, creativity and curiosity, however, also the adaptation to different cultures (especially with respect to the country or institution), as well as motivating and getting people going, are only some of my most prominent strengths. Customers are understood as equal partners which implies a respectful, honest and open communication.

Since 2016 I am also consultant for Steinbeis and support institutions in qualitative analysis for their competences (www.steinbeis-ukc.de). Since 2017 I am member at the consultancy network VBU (www.vbu-berater.de).

Focus: private companies – field: organizational & HR development, IT in education  Location: worldwide



Katja Kersten

For 15 years I have been working in the education sector for different educational institutions, predominantly in Germany. My technical main emphases are in the field of distance learning and extra-occupational learning. The increasing digitalization permanently changes learning and studying: in a distance to an educational institution and parallel to the occupation. I am very passionate about the new teaching and learning concepts resulting from this approach and for increasingly self-controlled ways of learning for life and work experienced people. Besides the traditional distance learning materials, new media offer a great potential to pass on knowledge in a different way.

With my analytical thinking, a structured working method and creative ideas I have been able to successfully develop, to implement and to accompany different educational concepts within the last years. I am familiar with all sorts of points of view of educational planning – either in the conception or in the management of educational offers. Service and customer orientation for clients and participants of the educational offers are my priorities.

Focus: public institutions – field: educational management and digital media in education  Location: Germany and remote support worldwide






Héraldine Anéas

When I dashed into education and training, I said to myself that I found my professional way!

Having several years in the education of young people and adults, my passion is still to give courses and to train people. The most I love is to liven up a training by using all the interactive methods allowing the participants to practice the content of the training and being able to transfer the learned directly in their everyday life.
I also believe in a modern education without borders and without discrimination because everybody has the right to get a chance to learn or to explore specific domains.

In my previous collaborations with various companies who wanted to strengthen the capacities of their employees, I supported from training needs analysis and the development of trainings to carrying out trainings and finally the evaluation. For me the satisfaction of customer and training participants is essential why we have to offer them the best quality in training. I think that good continuous education needs to be a part of a company’s strategy to reinforce efficiency and to support the employees for continuous quality of work.

I am an open person who likes listening to the others, as well as taking the initiative and challenges, to change existing and to develop new ideas and opportunities.

I am ready to support you and to discuss any possible future collaboration!

Focus: private and public institutions – field: educational management and HR development    Location: Haiti and the Caribbean






Silke Funk

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson –

What career is right for me? How can I successfully combine work and family? What are my skills, what am I good at? Am I really qualified for that job?

These and similar questions were raised by the participants taking part in projects which I had the pleasure of leading. When I started to work as a project manager in the field of education, I had no idea how much fun this would be. Accompanying people on their way towards achieving their individual goals and opening up new perspectives were central to this kind of work. To see how project participants discover new opportunities and unexpected talents, how their courage to tread new paths is growing, was a magnificent, enriching experience.

As project manager, I could gain a lot of insight into educational projects that combine conventional socio-educational and interdisciplinary methods such as theater pedagogy. I find it always very rewarding to work with an interdisciplinary team and to bundle resources and expertise, often resulting in completely new components, which can be perfectly combined with best practices. Application procedures and the management and control of funds are essential elements of successful project work.

At this point of intersection, I was able to gain and develop in-depth knowledge and expertise as a trustworthy and reliable partner in the non-profit sector.

Digital learning offers plenty of new methodological approaches in the field of education, reaching people around the world, regardless of their location. It is this new form of knowledge transfer and accessibility to knowledge that inspires me.

Here an overview about our job vacancies: 

Trainer for our educational institution  Port-au-Prince, Haiti