We are a very creative and dynamic international team who explores new ideas in management, development and education and works worldwide in sustainable projects for different institutions.

our services

We support you in management, development and learning. This includes working with private and public institutions in

  • developing organizations with structures and procedures,
  • documenting and establishing knowledge in organizations,
  • designing and implementing projects in personnel development,
  • supporting decision makers as sparring partner with their daily challenges in busines, management and development,
  • establishing and managing training academies,
  • developing educational concepts and training trainers, as well as
  • accompanying and coaching educational institutions in the field of organisaitonal and educational management.

knowledge & educational MANAGEMENT

In this area we provide support in terms of the establishment of training academies and educational institutions to the development of educational concepts and the commercialization of educational products also including the organization and realization of educational measures. Education refers here not only to the public sector, but above all also to the private sector where the development of sustainable training concepts for customer loyalty become more and more important.

But we don’t just establish and manage training academies, but we also own and manage our own vocational training centers with online and classroom trainings. These training centers are established under the label „CAR’ED – Center for Education and Development“.

Management & Development

Development in enterprises and institutions always varies, is continuous and essential for the being and growth of effeciancy and competitiveness. This is related to the fields of development corporate, organisation, personnel and business.

Good employees are increasingly difficult for institutions to find and especially to hold. Already before the employment of staff, institutions should therefore have a strategy regarding the long-term coaching and development of their employees. That’s why, we support institutions in the development of staff as well as the managing and realizing of different continuing education measures. Part of this is also the development of standards, structures and procedures in organizations to make a more efficient working possible.

As the topic development is always a core task of management, we support decision makers as sparring partner under our label „EMPOWER’ED – Efficiency and Development in Business“.

IT in organization, knowledge management and education

The forms of digital learning and teaching become more and more extensive, more exciting but also less transparent. We support institutions with our experience with IT – always in connection with management, development and education: educational and knowledge management concepts, which are adapted to the target groups, in implementing different methods and digital media, implementation of learning and knowledge management systems, and the reproduction of elaborated and established processes and standards with IT solutions.

how we work

Listening, getting to know, understanding backgrounds

Before we rush into the work, we take a lot of time to examine, get to know and understand an institution, their employees and the topics, which we should support, also including a stronger focus on their backgrounds

Defining objectives and establishing the planning together

Together, with the institutions and their employees, we define the objectives which should be achieved, and plan the different steps and responsibilities to arrive there together.

Joint realization

After the planning we jointly implement the agreed steps with the institution. An open and honest communication with regular information about the state of realization, is part of it. The realization always corresponds with the institution’s culture.

THE MAK’ED TEAM – We make Education & Development received the quality label as German Education provider with the competence in the field of vocational and continuing education.

This qualification was handed over by iMOVE (International Marketing of Vocational Education), an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

In addition, THE MAK’ED TEAM supports medium-sized businesses and is a member of BVMW – Bundesverband mittelständischer Wirtschaft. We also belong to the Mittelstand Allianz Africa and Le Mittelstand with a focus on West Africa.



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