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Sales & Marketing Structures and Processes

For efficient and transparent work in the field of marketing, you need clear structures in your organisation and consistent processes.

In the area of marketing, the clear definition of organisational structures and consistent processes across marketing and sales is an important basis for success in sales. This includes the design of structures and processes, but also the continuous analysis and, if necessary, adaptation of organisational forms or process steps.

For the definition of a suitable organisational structure for marketing and sales, one usually orients oneself on one’s customers as well as one’s product portfolio. Traditional organisational forms in both marketing and sales can be defined according to geographical, functional, product-oriented or customer-oriented structures. In practice, however, mixed forms are usually found. In addition, it has become more important that the boundaries between marketing and sales become more blurred, not only in terms of processes but also in terms of structures, since the customer journey and the different channels have grown together strongly.

The clearer this process is along the customer journey (or also along the “lead funnel”) from the first marketing contact to customer generation, the more successful a company is. Based on the structures and processes, it is then also possible to select the appropriate tools and systems for a digital and automated mapping of the process steps and for the evaluation of data.

Our THE MAK’ED TEAM support for your sales & marketing structures and processes

  1. THE MAK’ED TEAM defines a target picture with you.
  2. We analyse your current situation regarding structures and processes with you on the basis of data and define a target situation.
  3. Together with you, we develop the organisational form and the target processes.
  4. We identify which tools or systems can be used to map these digitally.
  5. We support you in implementing the structures and processes.
  6. The changes are analysed regularly.

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