E-commerce, customer relationship management, data analysis, chatbots: even today, sales without technology is unthinkable and digital developments are advancing in leaps and bounds. If sales is digitalised, routine activities are automated, processes are made more efficient and adapted to customer needs.  This can significantly improve the entire sales process from planning to execution and control. The new technologies can also support sales at all levels in finding, winning and retaining customers and ultimately increase turnover. Digitisation of sales offers great opportunities for medium-sized companies.

The possibilities for automation and optimisation are manifold and new developments are constantly being added. Entrepreneurs are required to proceed selectively and in a focused manner. In the last few years, interesting methods and possibilities have been developed for sales, which in the future could decide who is ahead of the competition. Let’s take a look at a few technologies that give a good impression of how sales processes are fundamentally changing and will change in the course of the digital transformation

Lead scoring: In this sales method, potential customers, i.e. leads, are evaluated according to certain criteria. In this way, salespeople can concentrate on the leads that have the most potential in a focused and target-group-oriented manner.

Sales Intelligence: Intelligent technologies can be used to analyse customer data, competitive information and market conditions. Based on this data analysis, sales strategies can be optimised and customers identified. Sales processes can be implemented more efficiently and successfully with sales intelligence.

Automated sales forecasting: With the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence, sales forecasts are automatically generated. In this way, sales activities can be controlled in a targeted manner based on accurate and up-to-date forecasts.

New growth potential through digitalised sales structures

As many opportunities as digitalisation opens up for sales, strategic planning is essential for a successful transformation: Which technologies should be used? Which steps in the sales process should be changed and how? And which tools make sense for the company? THE MAK`ED TEAM analyses the framework conditions of sales and, together with the client, develops digital sales strategies that are systematically implemented in the company:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current sales processes: What are the weak points? Where is there potential for improvement?
  • Strategic planning and goal setting: Which processes should be supported by a system? What are the priorities and sales plans?
  • Technology selection: From CRM systems to sales analysis software to other relevant solutions, we select the appropriate tools and software solutions together with the client.
  • Process optimisation and efficient workflows:  Sales processes are optimised through the integration of different systems or the implementation of a lead management system.
  • Employee training and change management: Employees who handle the digital sales tools and technologies are trained actively and practically. Changes are strategically communicated with the team to increase acceptance.
  • Monitoring: Progress in sales and successes are permanently monitored and measured.

With a suitable digitalisation strategy, sales can significantly increase its efficiency, improve customer loyalty, increase its reach, reduce costs and make lead management more effective. Data-based decisions enable a targeted approach. The field of digitalisation in sales is huge. It is important here not to rely on isolated solutions, but to pursue a holistic and forward-looking strategy. We accompany our clients in a focused implementation that fits the framework conditions and goals of the company. This is how companies remain competitive and successful.

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