People and nature are among the most sensitive areas in a company’s sphere of influence. After all, life and health are at stake here. Violations can have serious consequences. The liability risks arising from occupational health and safety and environmental protection law are correspondingly high. Of course, the basic obligations towards employees or other persons and the environment are known to every entrepreneur and compliance is not a new topic in these areas. Every company will consciously or unconsciously implement compliance measures in this area. However, the topic has become very much the focus of the authorities – and the focus of the public.

It is worthwhile to think outside the box

AsbSchG, ASiG, BetrSichV, BlmSchG, KrWG: there are many acronyms in environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and a whole host of rules, legal regulations, and requirements. The aim of all compliance measures is to create transparency in these areas, to ensure that the company behaves in accordance with the rules, and to minimize risks. In concrete terms, employees should be protected from accidents or harmful influences and the company’s environmental impact should be reduced as far as possible. Whether protection against hazardous substances, water pollution control or immission control: the question in the development of an individual compliance management focuses with organizational and legal compliance aspects not only on all that must be done individually in the company, but also on all that can be done voluntarily to turn the obligations into real opportunities for the company.

Compliance is so much more than just a “must have”

With well thought-out and forward-looking compliance management, the company not only fulfills its obligations, but can also benefit from them in many ways.

Because compliance management in environment, health, and safety …

… minimizes the risk of negative effects on people and nature and thus the liability risk of the company management.

… makes the entire organization more sustainable, efficient, and innovative by optimizing internal processes.

… makes the company more resilient in unstable times.

… positions the company profitably with customers, employees and potential applicants through voluntary compliance measures that are communicated transparently.

… meets the expectations of stakeholders.

… ensures greater efficiency for the company, for example through the careful use of resources.

Implementing Compliance in Environment, Health, and Safety simply and efficiently

When we at THE MAK`ED TEAM implement a compliance management system for medium-sized companies, the first step is an analysis that clearly shows us the weak points. Together with those responsible, we can then develop appropriate measures and recommendations for action. These include, for example, operating instructions, preventive measures to avoid incidents, emergency management or transparent handling of essential reporting obligations. The scope and selection of compliance content depends on the individual conditions of the company and can sometimes be leaner, sometimes more extensive.

The implementation of the selected compliance measures is ensured by a transparent management system, which is recorded in a management manual and constantly updated. To ensure that all relevant persons are aware of the measures and observe them in their day-to-day work, clear communication in the ecosystem with regular training is important. Depending on the industry and size of the company, persons with special functions such as company physicians, safety officers or company paramedics also form part of the compliance management system, for example to check work equipment or to be responsible for special environmental categories.

The direct successes of compliance around health and occupational safety can be seen in the fact that there are fewer accidents and fewer work-related illnesses in the company. And around the environment, they can be seen in the fact that nature is effectively protected from the harmful effects of the company. We have already shown above that these successes are accompanied by many other benefits. Provided, of course, that compliance is implemented and lived accordingly.

THE MAK’ED TEAM is an experienced specialist in the implementation of professional compliance management systems. Our goal in every project for our medium-sized clients is to create a management system that safeguards executives as much as possible while at the same time exploiting the full potential of compliance and providing the company with many profitable advantages.

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