Ein Thema, das im Mittelstand wichtig ist: Employer Branding

Most small and medium-sized companies feel it clearly: the necessary employees are harder to find than ever before! In certain sectors or regions, the shortage of skilled workers has been painfully noticeable for some time, but finding and retaining well-qualified candidates is now a real art. It is not the employer, but the potential employee who holds the scepter. This paradigm shift in the labor market is one of the great changes of our time. Consequently, so-called employer branding, i.e. the development of an attractive employer brand and its marketing to the outside world, is increasingly coming into focus. No matter what size company and what budget it has available: If it wants to secure its own future, it must adapt to the requirements of potential employees with suitable marketing and recruiting strategies.

Employer Branding: Show your company’s personality!

THE MAK`ED TEAM has many years of experience in advising and supporting medium-sized companies on their way to becoming attractive and competitive employers. The aim is to position the company with a clear profile and make it attractive for qualified personnel. A good, trustworthy image as an employer can give a company an edge over its competitors on the labor market. And as part of the human resources strategy, it can determine whether the company will have enough staff in the future.

The Employer Branding strategy: step by step to success

THE MAK`ED TEAM develops an employer branding strategy in close consultation with the company management. The core of the strategy is the employer positioning: Here we analyze what makes the company stand out and why a well-trained specialist should choose this company of all companies. Whether innovative products, an appealing ambience, special remuneration models, good promotion opportunities, interesting further training opportunities or the work-life balance: many individual incentives and factors play a role here.

In addition to the employer positioning, THE MAK`ED TEAM identifies opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses and takes them into account when developing the strategy. The goals are also clearly formulated. If the individual employer branding strategy is implemented successfully and systematically, the company positions itself as an authentic and attractive employer. The aim of employer branding is not to appeal to the masses, but to focus on the relevant target group. If this succeeds, the company will benefit:

The advantages of Employer Branding for companies:

  • The chances that the company will be able to recruit sufficient qualified employees at present and in the future are significantly improved.
  • The quality and number of applications can increase.
  • The identification of employees with the company can be increased.
  • As a result, fluctuation can be reduced.
  • The level of awareness is increased, the reputation and image are improved.
  • The company secures competitive advantages through suitable job placements.

Of course, what employer branding communicates and promises to candidates should also be kept in daily working life. Trust plays a decisive role in communication. Only if the employer brand is communicated authentically, appreciatively, and transparently can it be built up credibly and successfully in the long term. Because what is genuine has a lasting effect.


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