Since 2013, I have been working in Haiti in the field of further education and the development of personnel and organizations – in 2016, I started my own local business in Port-au-Prince. Two days ago, widespread violence broke out – with road barricades, looting and shooting throughout the country.

It is only a certain part of the population that is so destructive and violent, acting with great brutality. It’s real anger, it’s frustration causing this violence. Frustration about not seeing any opportunities for oneself in this country, not feeling any change. This is what makes me angry.

And furious with the rioters. They are venting their anger on the private companies that have stayed in the country for years, investing and creating the few jobs that Haiti now has to offer. But I’m also angry with the government, which is not doing enough in the field of education. It is necessary to introduce free education for all people up to the age of 16. It is necessary that teachers be trained so that they can offer students all-embracing education which includes critical thinking, development of self-confidence and hands-on approaches (helping the student become a “mover and shaker”) Education allows children to develop, to go their own way and reach their aims.

For many years now, our Haitian company has been helping young people and adults to grow, to learn and update their skills so that they can share their knowledge and contribute to economic growth, rather than migrating to other countries or destroying the existing economy. The last few days have shown us that we must continue with our work. We have only just begun.


@Ann-Katrin Hardenberg (THE MAK’ED TEAM)