Everyone is talking about companies having to develop the skills of their employees for the future. This also means the development of digital competences. But what is behind it? Digital competencies can look differently in every company – depending on the industry and the use of systems. For all of them, however, it is true that on the one hand, cross-occupational digital competences are involved and, on the other hand, occupation-specific digital competences.

The cross-occupational ones are composed as follows:

  • Fundamentals of digitisation: a basic understanding of digitisation and its impact on the world of work, society and communication.
  • Learning and Working in the Digital World: Learning with Digital Media, Digitally Controlled Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer
  • ICT skills: Implementation and application of hardware and software as well as understanding of interrelationships and architecture
  • Data handling: Data security, data protection, data analysis and evaluation
  • Systems and processes: digital work processes, value creation and inter-company networking.

The job-specific digital competencies are related to the position and the respective tasks of the employee and must be determined individually.

Now is the right time to expand your company’s competency model in terms of digitization competencies. In this way, the personnel development measures of your employees can be set in motion step by step over the next months and years and the competencies can be anchored in your company.

THE MAK’ED TEAM sets up simple and standardized competence models for companies and maps them with HR systems. The introduction of regular feedback meetings, the definition of objectives and the evaluation of performance can also be linked to this.