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The better you know your customers and build a relationship with them, the more satisfied your customers will be – and in the end, you too!

The customer journey begins with the first contact with the company or the product or service, ideally before the customer even has a need or is looking for a solution. It then proceeds through further stages from obtaining additional information, comparing with other offers to the final conclusion of the purchase process. And it really does not end with the sale, but leads to the topics of after-sales service and customer loyalty. On this customer journey, the customer has various touchpoints with the company, the brand or the products or services – both online and offline.

For strong customer loyalty and also long-term brand loyalty, a positive customer experience is needed, i.e. a positive customer experience in the interaction with your company from the customer’s point of view. This goes beyond the customer journey with its respective touchpoints.

The more clearly you know the customer journey with its touchpoints of your customers and can also identify the possibilities of the customer experience, the stronger your company will be in marketing your products or services and the stronger your brand will be.

Our THE MAK’ED TEAM support for you on the topic of Customer Journey and Customer Experience

  1. THE MAK’ED TEAM works out the buyer persona and the customer journey with the various touchpoints with you in a workshop.
  2. We identify the points that are running well along the customer journey and identify touchpoints that should be improved.
  3. Together with you and based on available data and facts, we analyse the customer experience of your customers.
  4. We draw up a roadmap with suitable measures for implementation.

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