The new year 2021 is already a few days old and it has begun as the old year 2020 ended: challenging, exciting and full of work!

This applies not only to the projects with our customers, who unfortunately have a lot to do with the current Corona situation, but by far not only.
It is also challenging, exciting and hard-working for our own company – because as an entrepreneur we deal with the same issues and challenges as our customers.

THE MAK’ED TEAM continues to grow and so we moved into new premises in Nuremberg and expanded our premises in Karlsruhe to create space for our new and future colleagues. At both locations, we have work, meeting, creative, retreat, discussion and reflection places where we can work on our customer projects as well as on our own topics, when we are not acting from the home office..

We were able to recruit Christoph Bellmann as a Junior Consultant for our Corporate Development and Finance & Controlling departments. Christoph Bellmann has been expanding our competencies since the beginning of the year, drawing on his extensive experience in business start-up consulting.

Our Sales & Marketing department has also been strengthened – in two ways: Julia Scharmann, an extremely experienced colleague, now heads this department and is responsible for the expansion and further development of our marketing and sales activities. Julia Scharmann is also involved in consulting projects where her expertise is required.
The ongoing Corona crisis is a major ongoing challenge for all businesses.
For many companies, it’s a matter of sheer survival, while others are using the constellation to reposition themselves or push ahead with digitization.

THE MAK’ED TEAM is the point of contact for medium-sized companies, especially in situations such as this: we provide practical support to cope with the tasks of securing liquidity, financing, as well as the management and further development of the organisation and the business model.

Last year, we committed ourselves to the WIN Charta of the State of Baden-Württemberg and therefore also have a sustainability management system that supports and guides us in our own decisions as well as in our consulting projects.

All in all, we are ready for the year 2021 and well positioned for the multifaceted tasks of small and large medium-sized enterprises. We develop and implement solutions for these tasks of companies – making and implementing them is important to us.

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