One of our new projects started on September 1! Actually, it is a project that is very close to our hearts. In recent months, we have put a lot of time and effort into the preparation of this project.

But what’s behind it?

We have developed a franchise product, namely a standardized ‘Training Academy’ business, which is designed for markets in less industrialized countries. As a franchise partner, you can run this type of academy under the name ‘CAR’ED – Center for Education and Development’. You will then receive a package of training programs, a corporate structure, templates, logos, and sales and marketing concepts developed by us. On September 1, the first pilot started in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where the first CAR’ED Center was opened, offering seminars and qualifications aimed at young people, and people in regional areas as well as in production and sales. This also includes individual coaching sessions or group trainings designed to support people and organizations in reaching their long-term goals.

Due to the existing structure, the products and knowledge of the market and customers, the Haiti-based center has rapidly gained momentum. Special customer training courses have already started. The center posted a course calendar with all training course dates and new instructors joined the pool of CAR’ED certified trainers. The center is becoming more and more popular throughout Haiti. Close support of the franchise partners, especially in the early stages of the implementation, ensures high quality in terms of customer service as well as trainers and seminars. We can’t wait to see how the whole thing is going to evolve over the coming months!

It is planned to open further centers with franchise partners in the coming year. We are already in touch with a number of potential franchisees interested in setting up training academies in their countries (e.g. in Ghana, Kenya and Peru).

Every single project is the perfect combination of heart, soul and passion. What is so special about this concept is the fact that it is one of our own projects which pools the expertise of our entire team. Be it the cooperation with our franchise partners or the seminars that we conduct – the response has been overwhelmingly positive since project kick-off. It is great to see how quickly skills and potentials can be developed – the passion of each seminar attendee for learning fuels the passion for our work.


Author: THE MAK’ED TEAM Germany