There is no doubt that the global economy is currently facing major challenges and upheavals. But no matter how global trade and economic relations develop: For all companies with plans for growth, internationalization is on the agenda sooner or later. Opening up new markets is as exciting as it is challenging. A smart approach is the key here. We have already supported many companies in their internationalization and know the enormous opportunities. And also the hurdles.

Africa – continent of the future

We have a special focus on the African continent. Anyone who has studied Africa in depth or explored it for themselves knows that there is no one Africa. With its 54 states, the continent has many faces with major differences in development. And it has enormous economic potential.

To enable small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from this, we support them in setting up a new location in Africa. And we support African companies that want to gain a foothold in DACH. When we develop and implement concepts, we focus on sustainable strategies.

Moving forward, thinking ahead, expanding: Internationalization

But how exactly does a company go about expanding? As a consulting company, we have a lot of experience in developing companies under different cultural, social and political conditions. We know the great opportunities for growth, but also the potential risks that come with expanding into foreign markets. Thus, we accompany medium-sized companies in their development of new locations from market analysis to market sounding to market entry throughout the entire process in a confident and secure manner. To ensure that the company is prepared for the local requirements, we develop individual and flexible growth strategies that facilitate a successful start at the new location. Operational implementation focuses on essential topics such as business development or the development of skilled personnel, taking into account the specific local conditions and regulations. This also includes the search for local partners or the establishment of teams.

From development to implementation, THE MAK`ED TEAM is always concerned with one thing above all else when it comes to internationalization: working out an individual, feasible growth strategy so that entry into dynamic markets is successful. With our many years of international experience and our high level of expertise in business development, we know the important answers to regional requirements and develop a customized roadmap for companies so that they can achieve their growth targets in a focused manner. Step by step.

THE MAK`ED TEAM is a member of the medium-sized business alliance “Africa” of the BVMW – the largest association of medium-sized businesses in Germany. The aim of the alliance is to jointly strengthen medium-sized businesses and, with an African competence center, to accompany and network companies on their path to growth.

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