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Corporate Emergency Management

Emergency management for companies is an elementary component of risk management and includes all organizational measures to maintain business operations in the event of emergencies.

Emergency management goes far beyond the repeatedly propagated emergency folder.

Emergency management…

  • … defines the processes and procedures for certain events and issues specific instructions for action
  • … determines who must act in these situations and which authorizations are required and issued.
  • … ensures the transparency of all information required for dealing with the respective emergency situation.

When setting up an emergency management system, all potential emergencies are collected and analyzed. The analysis is the basis for determining how to proceed in the respective situation. This results in a wide range of potential approaches.

A central point of emergency management is the loss of key personnel, above all the entrepreneur. This is important simply because a large number of roles with the respective tasks, but also with the necessary knowledge and information, converge in this person.

A company’s ability to act in such situations depends to a large extent on how well the people involved manage to eliminate the negative influences of the emergency. The better the company is prepared, the fewer the potential disadvantages.

THE MAK’ED TEAM develops suitable emergency concepts as part of risk management. This is always done in cooperation with all the necessary specialist disciplines in order to achieve the objective of averting potential disadvantages.

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