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Personnel Development Measures

A key success factor is choosing the right measures for developing the respective competence.

The elements of personnel development are diverse and do not only include measures such as attending external seminars:

  • From reading a professional journal,
  • attending events, 
  • participation in webinars to 
  • discussion with colleagues from other areas of the company. 

Personnel development measures are designed to promote technical competencies as well as soft skills. In addition, much of the learning and professional development of employees now takes place in the workplace – informal learning is now much more a part of personnel development: 

  • Knowledge is primarily sought and directly applied according to situation and need. 
  • through exchange with colleagues, 
  • trying out new things 
  • the use of the Internet or 
  • challenging tasks. In addition, the 
  • social networking in forums with colleagues and experts is playing an increasingly important role in informal learning. 

A key success factor is that the right measures for developing the respective competence or qualification are defined together with the employee, that these are implemented in a structured and consistent manner, and that success is measured afterwards. This is where the corporate responsibility of personnel development comes in. The 70:20:10 model, which should be used to put together personnel development measures, certainly helps in putting together the right measures: 

  • 70 % difficult tasks and professional challenges (on-the-job measures) 
  • 20 % through their professional environment and, to a large extent, through their superiors (near-the-job measures) 
  • 10 % through traditional training, such as seminars, reading books and articles, or learning content in other learning formats (off-the-job measures). 

At the same time, it is the task of HR development to ensure that newly acquired knowledge is successfully transferred and implemented in everyday working life and areas of responsibility by providing specialist input in all areas of the company.

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