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Guarantees & Sureties

The use of guarantees is a useful and often indispensable component of corporate financing.

When you win and realize orders, you often have to provide collateral. This usually takes the form of sureties and guarantees. In this way, you give your contractual and business partners the security that you will be able to fulfill your contractual obligations. 

You can have your surety and guarantee obligations covered by your principal bank. In this case, there is always the question of the extent to which the guarantees given will be offset against your credit line, thus reducing your liquidity scope – and this despite the collateral provided and your personal liability to the bank. 

We offer you an attractive alternative with a so-called surety insurance. You receive your guarantee line 

  • inexpensively and flexibly 
  • without collateral or only with low collateral 
  • with simplified credit assessment depending on the surety volume 
  • without offsetting the surety volume against your credit line. 

With an alternative guarantee line, you gain additional liquidity and strengthen your financial independence. 

You establish a building block parallel to your existing financing and, if necessary, promote your independence from banks. Setting up a guarantee line in this way is also possible for start-ups and young companies. 

You can obtain almost all types of surety from your house bank as well as with a surety insurance. These are issued with individual guarantee texts for special requirements. 

In the context of corporate financing, the use of guarantees is a sensible and in many cases indispensable component. We use them in a targeted manner within the framework of structuring financing to meet your individual requirements. 

The common types of guarantees for companies are: 

  • down payment guarantee, 
  • performance guarantee, 
  • contract performance guarantee, 
  • warranty guarantee, 
  • defect claims guarantee, 
  • bid bond,
  • surety bond, 
  • surety for securing comprehensive social insurance guarantees, 
  • surety bond under the Posted Workers Act, 
  • guarantee for time accounts, 
  • guarantees in foreign business.

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