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Corporate Bank – The Company’s Own Bank

The lump-sum funded support fund has been used by large-scale industry and major family businesses for around 150 years.

In times of a shortage of skilled workers and demands for attractiveness as an employer, it is finding favor with more and more medium-sized companies. 

With the lump-sum funded support fund, you achieve a wide range of benefits for your company and its future viability:

  • Increasing the motivation of your employees 
  • Increasing the attractiveness as an employer 
  • Easier recruitment of new employees 
  • Build-up of additional liquidity 
  • Successive independence from banks and from Basel III 
  • Creation of liability-free private assets 
  • Outsourcing and reduction of liability for company pension plans 
  • Reorganization of company pension plans 
  • Outsourcing of existing pension obligations 
  • Shifting of value creation to your company 
  • Creation of additional earnings potential 
  • Improvement of your company’s rating 

The lump-sum funded support fund is a system with which you can achieve fair dealings between all parties involved and create a long-term win-win situation. You can find the benefits for your employees HERE.

The way the bank works in the company is based on a simple business principle. By introducing the lump-sum funded support fund for your employees’ company pension scheme, you avoid outflows of liquidity into other forms of pension provision. This money and the resulting tax benefits are available to you as a long-term loan from your employees in your company – at low interest rates and insolvency-proof!

  • We are a cooperation partner of the AUTHENT Group, one of the most established providers in Germany for the lump-sum endowed support fund, in cooperation with AUTHENT lawyers, auditors, tax consultants.
  • As a specialist advisor for entrepreneurs, tax advisors and auditors, we provide you with detailed advice and work with you to implement your own employee benefit fund and bank in the entrepreneur. We also advise your employees on the opportunities that arise for them from the establishment of a pension scheme for your company. We also ensure the necessary long-term support of your company around the pension scheme by means of a full management concept. This full management goes far beyond the usual services provided by insurance companies.
  • The conception and implementation of the lump-sum funded provident fund is carried out by a team of specialists. In this way, the business and human resources requirements of your company are met, legal certainty is created and the liability potential associated with the company pension scheme is outsourced.

We are makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers for our clients with the aim of pushing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.