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Liquidity Management

The ultimate corporate goal is to secure and maintain solvency – liquidity takes precedence over profitability or cash is king are the guiding principles.

Liquidity management is effective in two directions: The identification and avoidance of liquidity risks and the recognition and exploitation of opportunities that arise.

It is therefore essential to always keep an eye on the company’s liquidity and to identify negative and positive developments at an early stage. With a proven liquidity management and the appropriate tools, cash flow can be actively controlled and transparently planned.

THE MAK’ED TEAM analyzes and optimizes your liquidity management. From the existing actual situation, we develop a liquidity planning for a defined planning horizon. Here we consider on the one hand the technical situation of your company, such as pre-systems, topicality of data, data availability, as well as the economic situation of your company. The latter is a must-have under insolvency law aspects.

Liquidity planning is not only based on the actual data of your company, but also on the planned data. What sales will be realized within the planning period, what expenses will be incurred and what financial obligations must be met.

We thus combine corporate planning with liquidity planning. For this purpose, we use digital tools that subsequently enable plan-actual comparisons. Liquidity planning is a revolving planning process that can take into account the findings of the plan-actual comparisons and changes in planning premises and assumptions.

The implementation of a liquidity management system is always individually tailored to your company. Established building blocks are used and adapted to your needs.

We are makers.

We see ourselves as MAKERS, partners and project managers for our clients with the aim of pushing their future viability. With our high level of practical knowledge and our many years of international experience, we work worldwide.