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Preparations within the Company

The long-term preparation of company succession is an essential success factor for the continued existence of your company.

As an entrepreneur, managing director and shareholder, the topic of succession planning is an indispensable part of company management. Regardless of whether you are aiming for an internal or external succession, it is important to make detailed and long-term preparations. This is the basis for your sustainably successful company succession.

The question of whether your company is ready for succession can be answered on the basis of a number of prerequisites:

Long-term and transparent financial structure
Organisational structure with distributed responsibility and decision-making authority
no investment and change backlog and
the motivations, expectations and goals of all those involved are known and clearly communicated

THE MAK’ED TEAM supports you in preparing your company succession in the long term and in meeting all the necessary challenges.

However, a certain amount of preparation should also be carried out by the successor. Whoever takes over the succession should fulfil the following points and have the following skills:

  • Comprehensive training and experience in the business area of the family business
  • Respect and understanding of the company’s values, guiding principles and history
  • Skills in dealing with entrepreneurial challenges and change competence
  • Leadership skills and experience in managing employees
  • Decision-making skills
  • Openness to advice from external parties as well as employees and shareholders of the company
  • Expertise in long-term corporate planning