our services

The following services can be carried out worldwide by us as project manager, interim manager, technical expert or as mentor and coach – always with the objective of sustainable establishment of knowledge and competences in the respective institution or teams which we support.


management & development

  • Developing and establishing standards, procedures and forms in organizations to be more efficient and sustainable concerning resources
  • Establishing new working models and methods as well as concepts of learning
  • Developing strategies and concepts in the field of onboarding and HR development as well as implementing projects in this field
  • Consulting, supporting and coaching in the field of HR management (managing, accompanying, coordinating, motivating and developing employees)
  • Analyzing needs for education in the professional context (vocational and continuous education)
  • Train the trainers how to design and to conduct trainings in using different methods for different target groups
  • Developing concepts and conducting courses in the field of HR and educational management for different target groups and with various methods.

Project example

International IT company, Germany

For better training and development of employees an internal continuing education platform was set up. Within this project, not only the company-wide training measures with external training suppliers were published, but it also offered the possibility to employees to share their knowledge and their competences with colleagues.

knowledge and educational management

  • Establishing, developing and managing training centers and educational institutions
  • Developing a strategy for the training center with the aim to generate additional income for a company and to be sustainable
  • Designing courses, curricula and teaching material (including blended learning concepts, i.e. with eLearning), product and program planning
  • Educational sales and marketing: Establishing, representing and coordinating the internal and external communication of the educational institutions (i.e. training catalogues, marketing material), client acquisition and preparation of offers, building up liaising with local and international partners
  • Preparing, organizing and delivering lectures and other forms of classroom training; logistics, administration and training organization (internal trainings for employees and trainings for clients).
  • Selecting, managing and training the employees of educational institutions
  • Evaluation of educational concepts
  • Supervising, standardizing and improving training quality.

Project example

Private university, Haiti

As part of a private university in Haiti, a center for continuing education was established for the qualification of the local job market. Part of the project was the foundation of the center, the development of educational products, the sales and marketing of the products, the selection and qualification of trainers, as well as the training of the center’s team.

it in organization, knowledge management and education

  • Supporting institutions in selecting “new” technologies/digital media for education and knowledge management
  • Developing strategies for the implementation of new ways in education and learning in combination with new technologies and educational concepts
  • Developing and establishing concepts with digital media (i.e. eLearning, mobile apps, communities, webinars, social media)
  • Implementing Learning Management and Knowledge Management Systems
  • Further education and train the trainer courses for digital media competence (i.e. qualification as etutor) for different target groups

Project examples

Different institutions

Further education courses for employees as well as customer trainings were elaborated in using different methods as blended learning concept. This also included the usage of different learning platforms as ILIAS or Moodle. Methods of teaching were for example class room training and e-tutorials including videos, mobile phones, social media, group chats, webinars and eLearning.