our projects

THE MAK’ED TEAM works in the international context with the private as well as the public sector. This includes for example working with private companies and foundations, but also with universities and academies, professional and technical schools, continuous education and ministries.

The length of the projects depends on the extent of the work to be moved and can stretch from some days up to several years.

The following extract gives an idea with which institutions we have already worked in the past.

Projects examples

  • Project coordination, IQ project, Germany – bridge measures for academics: information technologies and media
  • German university: methodical-didactic concept of extra-occupational bachelor studies in engineering in utilization of new media (special challenge: realization of lab tests during the self-study period)
  • German university: Studies management of extra-occupational studies, training of professors in didactics for distance learning and in the utilization of new media, development of support concepts for self-learning phases in distance education offers
  • German university: development of a concept and implementation of extra-occupational studies in business studies
  • International organization, Vietnam: project support „program of vocational training Vietnam“; Hanoi/Vietnam
  • International organization, China: project support „education of vocational training teachers “; Shanghai/VR China
  • German university: project coordination pilot scheme „Development of a uniform system of the achievement capture in the scientific continuing education“
  • Private enterprise, Haiti: development and conducting trainings in communication as internal further training measure
  • International organization, USA: Coordination and organization of project management courses for institutions of the public sector
  • International company, Portugal: support in recruitment
  • International IT company, Germany: Establishment and management of an IT training center for continuous education of customers and employees.
  • International company in the health sector, Germany: development and implementation of an onboarding concept for new employees
  • International acting start-up company, Germany: establishment of standards and procedures in the field of communication (potential and current clients as well as employees).