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Employee Retention

Employee retention as a part or your business success

Employee retention is based on a strategic decision. It is based on the realization that it is more effective and efficient for your company to retain, promote and develop existing employees. Many companies underestimate the amount of costs resulting from employee turnover and vacancies.

Thus, employee retention is an investment that consists of a bundle of measures and, when applied correctly, leads to a significant improvement in the economic success of your company and to greater participation by your employees.

What initially sounds like just higher costs, usually leads to a gain for your company and for your employees and can mostly be implemented with reasonable effort or even almost cost-neutral.

Employee Retention Opportunities:

  • The lump-sum funded provident fund as an attractive building block for your employees’ retirement provision.
  • The active structuring of your employees’ wages and salaries through remuneration optimization.
  • The professional development plan for your employees.
  • The plan for the targeted training and further qualification of your employees.

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