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19 March 2020, 08h00-11h00: Business Breakfast


“Desire to learn – The learning culture for a future-proof company”

Learning culture instead of teaching culture! The learning culture is one of the keys to finding new employees, developing them continuously and keeping them in the company. A culture of learning is one of the most important contributions to being well-positioned for the future as a company and as employees. Active personnel development is not a question of company size, but a question of effective management. A modern learning culture takes into account the needs of the company and its employees equally. Successful learning requires independence and personal responsibility of the employees. To this end, companies are developing a working and learning environment that firmly anchors a management style geared towards employee empowerment, reflection in the learning and development process and the exchange and transfer of knowledge within the company. The courage and curiosity to learn, try out and test what has been learned are encouraged.

THE MAK’ED TEAM shows the way for a structured and step-by-step implementation of a modern learning culture. In terms of strategy and employees, the desire to learn replaces existing teaching frustration to the benefit of the entire corporate ecosystem. It promotes stability and innovation in the company. Practical examples and the presentation of suitable tools show how the learning culture can be firmly anchored in the corporate culture.